Complexity of the digital landscape and availability of resources should not limit the growth of your online business

Maximize your online business growth potential with Nxtlvl.

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Leading a growing e-commerce company with complex processes is a demanding challenge...

As the Head of Commerce, you may be familiar with these challenges:

Do you struggle to unravel complexity and make the right strategic moves?

Is it a challenge to stay on top of the changing playfield and shape and implement strategy with fresh perspectives?

Is there a hold on innovation due to growing legacy and complexity?

Is it taking too long to take business innovations or features to market?

Do you struggle with complex (multichannel) processes and setting up 'single sources of truth'?

Do you experience less efficiency and stability and more complexity due to the quantity of systems and the wide variety of applications?

Are you experiencing difficulty attracting or retaining a team of specialists?

Is it a challenge to retain marketing or IT experts?


As a Head of Commerce, you want to avoid these consequences:


Decreasing market share

Due to the lack of a distinctive growth strategy with scalable and repeatable marketing innovation.


Declining profitability

Since it takes too long to bring improvements or innovations to the market, while the competition is able to do so.


Rising IT Expenses

The budget required for maintaining legacy systems is increasing, while you also need to simplify, integrate, innovate and rationalize.


(Growth) stagnation and recurring lessons learned

Assembling and retaining the ideal team of experts with the right skillset can be a challenging task.

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Accelerate the growth of your online business to its full potential with Nxtlvl.

Looking to increase the margins and profitability of your online business? As Head of Commerce, the responsibility is on your shoulders to explore new markets, optimize the landscape, and increase margins using future-proof technologies and systems. Nxtlvl is the ideal partner to support or relieve you in these areas. We provide you with the growth mindset, knowledge, and experience you need to achieve your goals and take your digital enterprise to the next level.


Development, API & integration challenges

With business growth, addition of new channels, stores and store-fronts, decoupling and integrations of functions (e.g. PIM, Middleware, DAM solutions) and expansion into new markets (domain strategy, multistore strategy), the complexity of processes will increase. This will make it more difficult to manage and optimize the processes, which can lead to delays and reduction of overview and efficiency.

Tools we often utilize in this phase include:

MACH strategy / cloud solutions

As the demand for IT talent increases and therefore becomes more expensive, it's crucial to have a strategic approach. This is where SaaS, cloud and/or low-code solutions come in handy, as they are less 'development heavy' and create less legacy. With the right implementation, these solutions are an inevitable choice for any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve amidst the growing outflow of the workforce.

Without a clear technical vision, organizations may struggle to adopt these solutions cost-effectively and actually retire legacy applications, resulting in stagnation of the enterprise's flexibility and innovation power. Nxtlvl can help you future-proof your e-commerce landscape by migrating to a MACH architecture, allowing your business to take the next growth step.

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    Manageable by dividing into microservices
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    Integration based on API's
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    Scalable and configurable cloud/ SaaS solutions
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    Flexibility and efficiency by decoupling front and backend (Headless)
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    Smart migration strategies

Technologies we ofter utilize in this phase include:

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Additional expertise for your existing marketing team.

To achieve your business goals, you understand how crucial it is to have a team of effective marketing professionals. At Nxtlvl, our online marketing specialists are available to provide temporary or permanent support to your team. This will help you gain more knowledge and expertise, enabling you to enhance the performance of your omnichannel commerce environments.

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    Data driven marketing
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    A/B tests
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    Search engine optimization (SEO)
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    Online advertising (SEA)
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    Marketing automation
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    Email marketing
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    Content marketing
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    Social media management
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    Affiliate marketing

Tools we often utilize in this phase include:

Nxtlvl is the ultimate full-service partner that will take your e-commerce business to the next level.

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Business innovation

By headless commerce, smart architecture and cloud solutions

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The right knowledge and experience

by our team of experts in all subjects of e-commerce

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Security and scalability

By setting up smart processes and cloud solutions

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Increased efficiency

By seamlessly integrating your e-commerce processes and systems

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Growth and increased profitability

through conversion optimization and effective digital marketing activities

We have already assisted theze organizations in optimizing their digital landscape.

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