Together we Flourish

Quality is the key. We strive for long-lasting relationships where our partners, colleagues, and clients feel empowered, even during challenging times. At Nxtlvl, we are committed to achieving our shared goals at a high level of quality and proximity to ensure the long-term success of our clients, employees, and partners.

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Our mission

Our mission is to elevate ambitious entrepreneurs to the next level in their digital commerce landscape. We achieve this by adopting a growth perspective, not just focusing on technology. At the core of our approach lies the question, "What do you/your business need to flourish in the long run?" This is a broader question than simply "long-term growth".

Starting with your ambition, we assess your current situation and translate it into necessary steps. We operate at the heart of your business, closely monitoring business results. The outcome is always a digital improvement or advice; after all, we are a digital e-commerce agency.



Flourish together

At Nxtlvl, our goal is to build a solid and successful company in which our employees and clients can thrive. This philosophy is reflected in the decisions we make, from investing in our people's growth to nurturing partnerships and working closely with our clients, to carefully selecting our work locations. We prioritize long-term quality and returns over shortcuts and immediate results.

We use the term "flourish" instead of "grow" because we believe it encompasses a more sustainable and holistic concept. Flourishing is an ongoing process that never truly ends, requiring sustainable investments in the future. It requires the right people, expertise, time, and attention to truly flourish.


Engaged & near by

With Nxtlvl, we aim to build an e-commerce partner that is rooted in the region and easily accessible. Our approach involves investing in small work locations with up to 30 employees. These cells work together as one company, with no internal competition. Allowing our clients and colleagues to enjoy the benefits of streamlined communication, as well as the varied expertise that a larger organization can provide. We bring our knowledge and network from the top of the market to the regional context.

In recent years , we have seen a trend in the market of Digital Agencies getting bigger and moving to the city, resulting in a growing distance between them and the heart of the entrepreneurial SME, both literally and figuratively. As a result, clients are increasingly dealing with either a local freelancer or a company with hundreds of employees, but not one that recognizes their dynamic and can think entrepreneurially. This is where Nxtlvl can make a difference.




Our main goal is to build a solid and successful company that caters to the needs of the new generation of colleagues. We recognize the fact that more and more IT professionals are searching for employers located close to their homes, providing growth and development opportunities of a larger company without the physical and mental distance. We firmly believe that the most fruitful collaborations occur when people are in close proximity, meeting each other face-to-face and sharpening their skills.

As a company, we have no management team but a natural hierarchy, where we delegate responsibility and authority to our employees. This is a continuous work in progress, where we learn from our mistakes and embrace constructive criticism. We are inspired by Holacratic governance models and believe that this strategy will provide an excellent opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs and talented individuals.


Our team

Our team is dedicated to achieving results, constantly learning and growing, and leveraging our expertise to elevate each other and our clients to the next level of success. We are always seeking the most effective strategies to thrive and flourish together.