Business case: Lokale Partijen Gelderland

A completely new, user-friendly Wordpress website for the umbrella political party in Gelderland province

Lokale Partijen Gelderland
Who is Lokale Partijen Gelderland

Who is Lokale Partijen Gelderland

In late 2014, Lokale Partijen Gelderland was founded by two local administrators, both affiliated with a major local party in the former municipality of Geldermalsen. They noticed in practice how difficult it is for local parties to bring issues to the attention of the provincial government. This led to the idea of uniting local parties and jointly creating an entrance for the provincial government in Arnhem.

From an overarching, non-directing role, LPG lets the voice of local political parties be heard in the Arnhem Provincial Council. Lokale Partijen Gelderland chooses the strength of the region, small scale and involvement.

Their challenge

In their search for an experienced and reliable website developer, Lokale Partijen Gelderland (LPG) came in contact with Nxtlvl. It was extremely important to this client that the website would be a good reflection of the core values they wanted to promote, namely: democracy, independence, sustainability and integrity and governance. In addition, they had a desire to make it as easy as possible for visitors to become members of LPG. Also, the website needed to be clearly navigable, with LPG's manifesto and positions both well presented. Also, the website of Lokale Partijen Gelderland had to be easy to add (regional) stories and new members.

From challenge to solution

Designing a new website for Lokale Partijen Gelderland started with accurately mapping out the client's various requirements.

After agreeing on the design, Nxtlvl quickly built the new WordPress website for LPG. To make it as easy as possible for visitors to join LPG, our web developers built an eye-catching button on the website. After a visitor clicks this button, he/she will be directed to a page where all the benefits of membership are described. You will also find the built-in module that allows visitors to actually become members.

By displaying all information and registration options on one page, we have ensured that it is clear and simple to become a member of Lokale Partijen Gelderland. Both for an individual and a party. Because the website is built on WordPress, it is easy for clients to add stories (or other content) themselves. On the 'our stories' page you can read the different (regional) stories. It was important to the client that the 'face' behind LPG was visible. Therefore a page was built on the website where all members, list leaders and candidates could be presented by name and photo.

To best reflect the core values of Lokale Partijen Gelderland, the website had to be built in the corporate identity of LPG. This took into account LPG's use of color and font.

People are becoming increasingly mobile oriented. This naturally also applies to LPG's target group. The website of Lokale Partijen Gelderland therefore had to be clear not only on desktop, but also on mobile devices. To keep the bounce rate on the website as low as possible, the page speed was also optimized, resulting in fast loading times.

From challenge to solution

Growth after improvements

By listening carefully to the client's needs, we were able to create a beautiful website that clearly expresses LPG's core values. We delivered:

  • Design and development of webshop (WordPress)
  • Right image (reflection of core values)
  • Clear representation of manifesto and views
  • Easy way to become a member of LPG
  • Making the 'face' behind LPG visible
  • Making regional stories visible
  • Fast loading times & mobile-friendly
Growth after improvements

"The enthusiastic team at Nxtlvl thinks proactively about the client's needs. This goes beyond technical design. They try to look through the perspective of the target audience/recipients. They're also up-to-date with current trends, allowing them to constantly deliver customized solutions. In addition to clear budget agreements, they take the client by the hand through the development process."

- Ed Goossens
Chairman LPG
Ed Goossens - Chairman LPG

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