Business case: RKC Waalwijk

On- and offline media partner for RKC Waalwijk

RKC Waalwijk
Who is RKC?

Who is RKC?

RKC Waalwijk is a transparent and passionate paid football organization in North Brabant (The Netherlands) that plays structural professional soccer in the Eredivisie.

As a transparent professional soccer organization, RKC meets the needs of the Waalwijk region in a professional and family-oriented manner. Whether playing professional soccer, guarding and projecting their identity or providing a platform for business, RKC is a household name throughout the country.

RKC Waalwijk is involved in the society by working together with social organizations, the business community, municipal authorities, society, supporters and the KNVB. RKC Waalwijk stands for development, is creative, ambitious and a connector in De Langstraat, and expresses this in a professional manner.

Their challenges

RKC Waalwijk was looking for a committed media partner for their professional expressions. A challenge that we as a team were naturally happy to take on. "With their graphic expertise they help us take our expressions to a higher level."

RKC Waalwijk entered into a partnership with Nxtlvl whereby we could start guiding them from A-to-Z for all of the club's creative and professional expressions. This meant that Nxtlvl would help with social media expressions, the layout of flyers, but also with the signage in and around the stadium in Waalwijk.

From challenge to solution

The question of RKC Waalwijk was focused on the creation of various visual expressions. These included magazine or newspaper publications, signing in and around the stadium and various printed materials.

RKC Waalwijk provided us with a clear corporate identity guidebook on which we could base our work. Nxtlvl was also given full confidence to create visuals that flawlessly matched the well-known brand: RKC.

We took the corporate identity guidebook as the leading thread for the creation of all visuals, but otherwise let our creativity run wild. This shows once again that a successful cooperation is based on mutual trust. We realized an appropriate and professional look that complied with the corporate identity elements of RKC Waalwijk.

From challenge to solution

We provided RKC with:

  • Social media communications

  •  Flyer creation

  • Signage in and around football stadium

We provided RKC with:

"The cooperation between RKC Waalwijk and Nxtlvl is always smooth and customer-oriented. With their graphic expertise, they help us take our expressions to a higher level. Add to that the quick service and willingness. We are extremely satisfied with our relationship with Nxtlvl"

- Delano Dekkers
Marketing & Communication RKC
Delano Dekkers - Marketing & Communication RKC

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