Business case: SmartGrade 

PrestaShop webshop with dedicated B2B environment and custom import tool for international customers

Who is SmartGrade?

Who is SmartGrade?

'The authority in the professional supply of spare parts for mobile devices'

Good repair requires good parts. Smart Grade provides repairers with the right quality parts for mobile devices, laptops, console and e-mobility.

SmartGrade Pro™ is the market leader in enterprise-level spare parts supply, offering a wide range of sustainably manufactured, high-quality consumer electronics repair parts to the EU professional market.

The team is dedicated to growing repairman and providing them with the supplies and resources to take their business to the next level. SmartGrade has an American owner and the company is based in France.

Their challenge

  • Design and development of new webshop (Prestashop version 1.7)
  • Import tool for easy modification of product data (price, descriptions, etc.)
  • Dedicated B2B login environment
SmartGrade was looking for a suitable party to design and develop a new PrestaShop webshop for their wide and fast-changing product range. Through PrestaShop's partners page, SmartGrade came in contact with Nxtlvl in the summer of 2020.

It was hugely important for this client to have a dedicated B2B environment on the new webshop. Business customers (repairers) needed to be able to order products quickly and easily via their own account, view previous orders and see better prices. This B2B environment had to meet the following requirements:

- Login portal for business customers
- View previous orders
- Easy re-ordering
- Sharper rates on products for business customers

In addition, it was important that product details such as prices, names and descriptions could be changed daily. Therefore, besides creating a new webshop with B2B portal, they were also looking for a way to quickly make adjustments to the product details of the assortment.

From challenge to solution

Designing and developing a PrestaShop webshop

When SmartGrade became a customer of Nxtlvl in 2021, the first step in the process was to design and develop a new webshop. Both regular customers (repairers) and consumers had to be able to easily browse through the wide assortment through a smooth webshop.

During the development of SmartGrade's new webshop the different requirements of the client were taken into account. The webshop had to meet the following points:

  • Well structured and conversion-oriented webshop
  • Fast page speed
  • B2C approach
  • Dedicated B2B environment for repairers
  • Quickly change prices, descriptions and other details

In collaboration with Nxtlvl's UI and UX designers, a design was created with a focus on clear overview and a smooth conversion flow. After agreement, the new webshop was realized on Prestashop 1.7 for SmartGrade.

Custom Json pages in PrestaShop:

Nxtlvl used Json pages on Prestashop for the first time. This was not really the first time these pages were used, but it was the first time these elements were used on a PrestaShop website.

Development B2B portal:

Although the webshop was targeted at consumers, a dedicated B2B environment was built into the webshop in which business customers have the ability to review previous orders and be offered different rates. It was also made possible to place an order using a quick-order list, so there is no need to navigate through the entire website.
To get into this B2B portal, a login portal had to be placed on the website where business customers could easily log in. Then these customers needed to be directed to a dedicated customer environment. Our web developers, in collaboration with the UX and UI designers, were able to create a beautiful and clear B2B environment.

Custom database SQL import tool:

Because the prices of the products in SmartGrade's assortment change daily, they were looking for a way to change product information quickly and without too many operations. So this could be a change in the price, but also, for example, a change in the product name. Nxtlvl realized a custom import tool. This is an SQL database export that can be done from the web shop, giving you a list of product data, in which you can easily change prices or other product information.

From challenge to solution

De groei na de verbeteringen

By listening carefully and thinking strategically with the client, we were able to achieve some great results. Nxtlvl developed:

  • Design and development of webshop (Prestashop version 1.7)
  • Dedicated B2B environment
  • Custom database SQL import tool
  • Optimal conversion flow
  • Fast page speed
De groei na de verbeteringen

"Because of the B2D and B2B component, ongoing development and optimization opportunities, SmartGrade is a great client to work for."

- Steven Ilsink
Product Owner Nxtlvl
Steven Ilsink - Product Owner Nxtlvl

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