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Fresh new online look and unique configurator module

Van tuyl
Who is Van Tuyl Herwijnen?

Who is Van Tuyl Herwijnen?

''Auto company Van Tuyl is the specialist in the field of compact camper vans (Ford Nugget) and light commercial vehicles.''

Autobedrijf van Tuyl has existed since 1968. For the purchase and maintenance of campervans or commercial vehicles, van Tuyl is the place to be. Within the compact camper market, they have been the largest address for the Ford Nugget in the Netherlands for more than 15 years.

The car and camper mechanics at van Tuyl are ready for you to keep your camper or commercial vehicle in top condition. Besides the purchase and maintenance of compact campervans and light commercial vehicles, they also take care of bodyshop work, damage settlements and claim settlements, accessory assembly and installation of anti-theft protection. Of course, you can also turn to van Tuyl for the trade-in or purchase of camper vans, commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Their challenge

It was time for a fresh new online look for Van Tuyl. So they decided to look for a reliable party in the area who could realize this. That's how they ended up at Nxtlvl.

For the client it was important that the website, besides having a nice fresh look, also had good functionality and would be easy to expand and adapt by themselves. Because Van Tuyl also wanted a separate landing page with a booking module for the rental of camper vans, this wish was also included in the initial design.

Van Tuyl is the specialist in Ford Nugget camper vans. To make it easy for customers to put together a Ford Nugget themselves, Van Tuyl asked if we could develop a configurator in which the customer could indicate which specifications needed to be included in the quotation. No sooner said than done, of course! Integrations also had to be made with various platforms, so that campers that have been sold are still visible for a certain period of time.

From challenge to solution

Design and development new website
The client wanted a fresh new website with good functionality. They also wanted the website to be easy to expand. We therefore chose a WordPress website with WooCommerce integrations. The UX and UI designers at Nxtlvl created a fresh new design in which the website would be easy to navigate. The following customer requirements were taken into account:

  • New look
  • Good functionality
  • Easy to navigate
  • Landing page with booking module
  • Integrations with campervan platforms
  • Page speed & mobile friendly

Unique configurator module for quotation
Since Van Tuyl is a specialist in Ford Nugget camper vans, the client wanted a unique configurator to be built in which customers could indicate step-by-step which options and specifications their ideal Ford Nugget should have, in order to be able to get a clear quotation. We built this unique configurator, continuing the fresh design and taking into account the functionality of the configurator. 

Landing page with rental booking module 
It is also possible to rent camper vans at Van Tuyl. To make this process as user-friendly as possible, a landing page had to be developed with a unique booking module. The website had to be easy to navigate, so we decided to embed the booking module directly on the page. In addition to all the information and rates about motorhome rentals, it is possible to make a booking request directly. 

Integration with partner platforms
During the development of the new website, a number of links were also made with other platforms. Through these links, RVs can also be offered for sale on other platforms. The products are automatically pushed to other platforms after being uploaded on the website.

From challenge to solution

Growth after improvements

  • Fresh new website (WordPress & WooCommerce)
  • Unique landing pages with rental payment module 
  • Integration with camper platforms
  • Unique configurator module 
Growth after improvements

We are pleased with Nxtlvl's help, they are quick to respond, deliver nice work. In addition, we are very happy with the configurator module, this is very valuable for our customers.

- Van Tuyl Herwijnen
Van Tuyl Herwijnen -

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