Business case: ZOO&ZO

Further development of PrestaShop webshop for one of the largest pet stores in the Netherlands

Who is ZOO&ZO?

Who is ZOO&ZO?

ZOO&ZO, a well known name in region Ede (and far beyond) is much more than just another pet store. Besides a huge assortment of more than 20,000 products. You can have an extensive lunch, there is a dog wash and they organize activities throughout the year in and around the pet store.

In recent years ZOO&ZO has become an important online player in the pet industry. The online landscape is changing rapidly and they are trying to evolve with it. Disguised under a few name changes of both parties, we have been working together since the Guppy era. The online web store runs on PrestaShop. Beyond the standard functionality of PrestaShop, ZOO&ZO has quite a few additional requirements to better serve our online customers. In recent years, our collaboration has focused on the (continued) development of new applications and personalized solutions within the web store to better serve the online customer.

Their challenge

ZOO&ZO wanted to develop their existing webshop (PrestaShop 1.6) into a webshop on the updated version of PrestaShop 1.7.

This webshop had to meet the following requirements:

  • Renewed front-end/theme (full customization)
  • 'Offer page' which is filled dynamically
  • Custom module for delivery times
  • Integration with accounting system
  • Improved conversion flow
  • Fast page speed

ZOO&ZO knew that their outdated webshop needed to be developed further and asked Nxtlvl to do so. One of the most important action points was the optimization of the conversion flow and user-friendliness. Especially their large and extensive menu had to be converted to a user-friendly smaller menu, generating fewer internal links. This prevented the website from rising (well) in the Google ranking, as many internal links are not desirable for a good organic ranking. They also needed an integration between the webshop and the accounting system 'AFAS' and wanted a special 'offer page' that would be dynamically filled with products.

From challenge to solution

Developing a custom front-end
We developed our own front-end (theme) for ZOO&ZO's new webshop. This allowed us to perfectly translate the client's wishes into an online appearance. The UI and UX designers at Nxtlvl took into account ZOO&ZO's wish to make the very extensive menu smaller in order to improve the SEO score and conversion flow.

Dynamically filled product page
To stimulate conversions, we built a dynamically filled offer/product page. This page displays products in the offer dynamically, based on the person viewing it. This avoids the need to build multiple separate pages and boosts conversions by showing personalized offers.

Specific module for delivery times 
To ensure that all delivery times are correct, we created a dedicated module. This allows customers to see the delivery time while ordering, based on whether the product is in stock, what the weight is and who the supplier is. As a result, all delivery times shown (per product) are therefore almost always correct.

Integration accounting system AFAS
Since ZOO&ZO's webshop contains a huge number of products, an integration had to be made with their administration software/accounting system 'AFAS'. Through a smart plug-in that we installed on the website, the link could be realized. As a result, all sales are processed directly in ZOO&ZO's accounting system, which of course saves a lot of time.

From challenge to solution

Growth after improvements

Bystrategically thinking along with the client, and translating their needs into pragmatic solutions, we were able to achieve some great results. Nxtlvl delivered:
  • Renewed webshop on Prestashop version 1.7
  • Custom front-end for webshop
  • Improvement conversion flow and user experience 
  • ‘Offer page’ that is dynamically filled
  • Specific module for delivery times
  • Integration with accounting system
  • Page speed improvement
Growth after improvements

"For a larger webshop with more than 20,000 online products requiring additional customization, we have the right partner in Nxtlvl."

- Roy Burgers
E-commerce manager ZOO&ZO
Roy Burgers - E-commerce manager ZOO&ZO

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