Sprinque: the innovative online B2B-payment provider

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Sprinque - Risk-free, immediate payment

Looking for a risk-free and immediate payment solution? Sprinque provides your customers with a revolving credit, allowing you to be paid instantly and your customers to be flexible with their payment terms. By giving your customers the ability to choose their own payment terms, Sprinque can also encourage repeat purchases, which can contribute to higher revenue. In this article, we will discuss what Sprinque is and why it could be a solution for your business.


Who is Sprinque?

Sprinque is an innovative online B2B payment solution that allows businesses to be paid quickly and risk-free. Sprinque conducts real-time fraud and credit checks and grants approved customers a credit limit. This allows your customers to pay with one click, and Sprinque handles the payment process. You are paid immediately, eliminating the risk of late or non-payment and keeping your cash flow under control. By integrating the Sprinque module into your website, you can choose where to use their services. For example, we can build the module on your marketplace, webshop, portal, or CRM system. Using Sprinque often requires a customized solution within your webshop, and we can assist you with this.

The benefits of Sprinque

A Sprinque module integrated into your webshop, marketplace, or portal can offer numerous benefits for B2B companies seeking a more efficient cash flow or increased customer trust. Read on to discover the advantages of using Sprinque as your B2B payment solution.

1.Risk-free and immediate payments
By integrating Sprinque into your webshop, you can differentiate yourself by offering your customers a new payment method: they can pay in installments while you don't have to wait for the money. Sprinque takes on the risk of non-payment, so they pay you directly, allowing you to invest in your business without any worries.

2. Encouraging Repeat Purchases with Payment Flexibility
With Sprinque, your customers can choose their preferred payment terms, including a revolving credit that can be used for multiple purchases. This flexibility encourages repeat purchases, strengthening the relationship between you and your customers. Approved buyers can use their credit limit for multiple transactions, providing added convenience and peace of mind for both parties..

3. Whitelabel solution
By utilizing Sprinque, we can strengthen the relationship between you and your customer without coming between them. All invoices are customized to your brand, while Sprinque finances all purchases in the background. This provides your customers with an added layer of trust, encouraging them to return.

4. European coverage
Sprinque offers European coverage, allowing your customers from all over Europe to receive a revolving credit. This means you won't have to deal with multiple payment solutions.

5. Real-time credit risk assessments
Sprinque conducts a real-time credit risk assessment during the registration process to approve customers before they begin shopping, providing a secure feeling from the start.


How does it work?

After we have integrated a Sprinque module on your webshop, marketplace, portal, or CRM system, a customer can select the products they are interested in. When choosing a payment method, your customer will be presented with the option to 'pay by invoice,' where Sprinque will conduct a real-time credit check on the customer. At this stage, the customer will also indicate their preferred payment terms. Once the credit check is approved, the customer will receive an invoice (with your company name on it) that can be paid with the indicated payment terms.

Once the credit check is approved, Sprinque will pay you directly and handle the customer's payment. After approval of the credit check, the customer can easily use this payment method again in the future, making it easier for them to make repeat purchases.


How we can help

Do you want to provide your customers with the option to pay via invoice while receiving immediate payment after placing an order? We can assist you with this. By building a Sprinque module in your webshop or marketplace, you can take advantage of all the benefits described in this article. Are you excited about the possibilities of Sprinque after reading this article? Or would you like more information on how it can be a solution for your business? We are happy to provide you with more information. Please contact us through this link.

In summary, Sprinque is a risk-free and efficient payment option for B2B businesses. By integrating their module into your webshop, you can offer your customers payment flexibility while receiving immediate payment. Sprinque conducts real-time credit checks and handles the payment process, eliminating the risk of late or non-payment. With Sprinque, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your cash flow.